Writing liner notes often is a dubious pleasure between lust and torture, especially when there's no reliable information available. Rumours, gossip, words untrue and a lot of hearsay often are the only sources and a bit of rubbish sneaked in during the gone ten years. Not every wrong spelling of names or labels can be corrected and not every judgement, that didn't stand the test of time, will be changed in hindsight, cause when it's done it's done and the bigger part of those notes is about expressing the fun with the project and the personal estimation of the author anyway. Some things would be done different and better now, as a lot of serious research in this formerly unknown territory led to loads of new infos. And it still does, so that even a very careful revision might be obsolete and dated next year.

Writing in a foreign tongue without reading prove caused another couple of embarrassing mistakes, but as long as the reader is able to get the meaning, everything's alright. It's a work in progress and the private opinion of a non-unfailable pope. But, as some of the stuff he preached was simply wrong, here are some...

Errors and Corrections:

Vol. 1: Mercy is a US-band. 101 Strings are a US-studio group. Meta & The Bowling Boys are a German band, but the song was recorded in the 80's.