The following article was written by the people of the recommended "Crohinga Well" Magazine, who contacted the Yahoo guys, and was issued in #15/1999:

Around !984-'85 the release of compilation LPs with 60s/early 70s garage rock and psychedelic sounds had become a fine art.The major part ofthis specialised market was taken up by American material and (later on) British stuff. We had to wait until the well known "Pebbles" series came up with a volume of German 60s singles before a first album similar to the Anglo-American ones was a fact. A few German tracks even appeared at the tail end of the up till then strictly British "Rubble" series but we still had to wait until the beginning of the 90s before 2 more LPs filled with German (West-German, to be exact) psychedelic 60s singles came out as parts 1 and 4 of the very obscure "Visions Of The Past" series (made in Luxemburg and now completely deleted). Since then, German single tracks cropped up on inter-national compilations like "Diggin' For Gold" now and again, but nobody made any real attempt to start a compilation series documenting West-Germany's psychedelic 60s and 70s until in 1992, suddenly,out of the blue, the first 2 volumes of "Prae Kraut Pandaemonium" were thrown onto the international mailorder market. And this was the first time the Germans were doing it themselves; you could immediately hear and 'feel' the difference: all