notes were provided. The label responsible for this reference vinyl series is Yahoo Records, and the series can now celebrate its 10th volume already, plus the recent success of a new CD series that focuses on the real underground singles of the 1968-1974 period. We contacted the people involved in all this wonderful stuff and distilled the following interview.

When and why did you start the label?

The whole Yahoo thing happened more than it started (in 1992): just three guys who shared a misical taste between Sonics and Sun Ra. We knew each other from various bands we had played in over the years and met regularly to listen to the treasures of the enormous and pretty freaked-out record collections each of us possessed. We all had asoft spot for the German 60s beat of obscure bands like The Shaggys or The Prophets and owned quite a couple of these records. The fascinating thing about that stuff was the typical German approach: they just wouldn't play the average girlie put-down garage punk like the US groups. They couldn't handle the English language too well but insisted on writing songs about heart transplants, executions, the lesbian world or hypodermic needles, and you never could decide if this was absolutely embarrassing, ridiculous, silly crap or plain genius. Mindblowing it was in any respect... Then came the "Pebbles" LP dealing with Germany