can't keep up with bying all that stuff. we're often asked: "When will another "Exploiting" appear?" I don't even know if, so how can I say when

Why did you start the "Kraut! Demons! Kraut!" and "Hungry Krauts Daddy" CDs when you already had the "PKP" series for releasing old German stuff?

We had a lot of Real Kraut (as opposed to prae-Kraut) in the vaults and wanted to present it to the world, as we knew that the usual suspects (and the licensed re-releasers as well) don't care about a group with a one-off single or just an obscure sampler track (one thing we'd never do is counterfeit a whole LP without permission of the artist). The problem was that most of those tracks are 5 minutes rather than 2'30 and we'd have to do double or even triple albums to do a decent job. While single albums are just unprofitable, double LPs with proper double sleeves mean either bankruptcy or tremendous prices for the customer. We decided to keep the product payable and put it on CD. It's a medium that we don't like too much and wouldn't consider for the mid-60s stuff, but for the kind of music on the Real-Kraut series it's not all that bad; I even enjoy the fact that I don't have to turn the record over 3 times in this case. We're planning a third and probably last